Why is the workshop called Shamanic Heart Healing?

Many modern healers, teachers, shamanic practitioners don’t work from the heart. We can be working with the invisible world and at the same time we could have our egoistic perspective of reality, where we want benefits for ourselves only. This is also called »sorcery«. The Heart is the element of Neutrality of our consciousness. It is the place from where all beings come from. Heart is not limited to tradition or mind belief.

In native tribes of the Earth the connection with the Creator and the Spirit worlds always involves humbleness and respect to the primordial power. Love for Mother Earth and Life itself was always part of life. Just the modern man distanced himself from the Heart. That is why I feel it is important to use the word Heart in this workshop.

Who is a Shaman?

The word SHAMAN actually comes from TUNGUS TRIBE from Siberia and it means: the one who can see in the dark. So the word belongs to the certain tradition. But in every traditional culture there was one person and in many cases a group of individuals who were considered wisdom keepers, sages, the ones who can see in the dark, the ones who can communicate with the spirit world.

In modern time we borrow the word “shaman” to represent a person who is working with the spirit world and is involved in ceremonies to bring balance to the world and individuals.

There are as many “shamans” as there are tribes in the world. And in this Universe there are many “shamans” who belong to certain lineage or they have discovered their own medicine path on their own.

Do you call yourself a shaman?

Shaman never called himself a shaman. This is not something that you just decide one morning and say, I am a shaman. The title is not important. The person who works for benefit of all humanity does not feel a need to brag. And in the universe there is an unwritten rule, that if someone abuses the power or brags about it, this person will most likely lose it.

We are borrowing the words “shaman” and “shamanism” to best represent the practices that we do. But shamanism is a very big word, that is why everyone will understand it completely different.

How do I know if this workshop is for me?

If you feel attraction to shamanism and you feel to help bringing the balance to the world and to yourself, then this workshop might be for you.

On this workshop we remember the healing power from within in connection with compassionate helpers from the spirit world.

What tools do I need for Shamanic Heart Healing workshop?

You need yourself, open mind and open Heart.

For physical tools you will need:

From Level 1 on:

– Rattle

– Medicine wheel cloth (check with your teacher about the details)

– Central crystal (can be pointy crystal which can stand on the surface, but can be any type of crystal, gem or stone which is close to your heart)

– 4 items which will represent 4 directions (can be 4 stones, 4 crystals, 4 sacred objects)

– Shell as a holder for smudging

– Smudging stick (like Sage or similar), or Palo Santo (check with your teacher about the details)

– Smudging feather

– Some tea-light candles or simiar

– Lighter or matches

– Blindfold to cover your eyes

– Pen, coloring pencils (advisable)

From Level 3 on:

– Drum (check with your teacher about the details)

On many occasions the teacher might already provide the tools for you in advance or the tools might be included in the workshop fee. Please check with your teacher).

How can I heal others if I still have problems on my own?

The question is similar to: how can I teach if I still need to learn.

The answer lies in the path, not in a goal. We walk each other home. No ingenious shaman in history ever said that they are healed. The path of a shaman is a path of a wounded healer. We never close to the suffering of the world. Everybody is a healer and a client. And a shaman helps the person to find their own personal power though a healing ceremony or journey to heal a part of them.

Which techniques do you teach?

Shamanic healing is not as much a technique as it is holding a space for healing and allowing the invisible world, Mother Earth, Father Sky, compassionate spirits etc. to work through us. In shamanism we call this state: a hollow bone. We allow the spirit world, to some degree, to work through us

But to make the learning process possible, we will go step by step through the following techniques and practices:

Level 1: Ceremony of Medicine wheel, working with Power Animals

Level 2: Shamanic Extraction, Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Level 3: Psychopomp, Working with Entities, Death rites

Level 4: Shamanic Surgery, Shamanic Creativity and Theater

There are however many other exercises, power dances, vision journeys and other ceremonies included in the workshop.

How is the workshop designed?

The workshop is specially designed that in a short amount of time we can accomplish powerful healing techniques. Every level is a preparation for the next one.

Level 1 has: 1 day

Level 2 has: 2 days

Level 3 has: 3 days

Level 4 has: 2 days

Total: 9 days

(number of days can be longer if the teacher decides to)

The timing of the workshop is every day from around 9AM-7PM.

Please keep in mind, that learning never stops. You will realize that you receive tools to help others and yourself. But without practicing them, and keeping an open heart, and to go beyond the challenges that we put by ourselves on our spiritual path, we cannot progress. The workshop will open many doors for you. But it is you who need to walk. And remember, the spirit world and Mother Earth chooses you.

How do I become a SHH teacher?

First please join the workshop in see if this is your path. After this you will be in contact with your teacher and can discuss about further steps. The only person who is training new teachers is Lu Ka. Teacher trainings are normally end of the year or beginning of the year.

Is Shamanic Heart Healing a licensed and certified workshop?

Yes, the workshop structure is copyrighted and the right to use the name is protected and registered. However, please understand that shamanism is and will never be and shouldn’t be copyrighted in any way, as working with the invisible world and working with the heart is our universal right. The only thing that we protect is how we designed the workshop structure and the workshop material.

After each level a participant receives a certificate of completion. The real “certificate” or permission is given to the person from the spirit world and Mother Earth.